Children’s Therapy Center opened its doors in the fall of 1999 when its owner, Sue Fuller, began treating clients in our Eagan office. She believed that every child deserved the chance to reach their fullest potential and was committed to serving children of all ages. As word spread the business continued to grow and Sue began to hire additional therapists and staff who shared her vision and love for children.

Our Apple Valley office opened in 2001 in order to meet the needs of children who required services in our southern suburbs.

Our Eagan office grew so rapidly that in March of 2004 we moved into our own building. Our Eagan office is also “home” to the business office where all billing and insurance questions can be directed.

It is our goal to work with parents, caregivers, school personnel, and other healthcare providers to prioritize and develop individual therapy programs. We believe that therapy should be fun and improve the quality of a child’s life.

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Children’s Therapy Center, Inc. offers services to those children who demonstrate a need for speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Our clinic specializes in treating children ages birth through eighteen years with a variety of disorders including developmental motor or speech delays, sensory defensiveness/sensory processing disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, children with hearing loss, articulation deficits, and others.



“This miracle center has children flourishing and they just work wonders! I have never been happier or more sure of anything that my daughter is benefiting so tremendously from her placement with this team of therapists! Bless you guys!”


“Sweetest, kindest, most knowledgeable and educated, genuine, invested therapist in all 3 specialties (PT, OT, SLP). Have been impressed for 8 years and counting.”


“Amazing professional, flexible, compassionate and knowledgeable staff. I have been working with them for 3+ years and have had such a positive experience!”


“Our son spent the last 4 years going once a week for OT services. We spent time with several of the therapists during our time there and cannot say enough good things about each of them. They built our son’s confidence right along with his skills. We are going to miss seeing them all each week!”


“Very dedicated therapists whom really know their stuff and are very dedicated to children.”


“Been taking my son here (and many other clinics) for 12 years, couldn't be more pleased. They have professional facility with talented, professional and caring staff. It is the best clinic we know of and always refer people there.”


"Chris is exceptional! He worked with my son when we lived on that side of town. His growth with his speech was amazing over a 2 year time because of Chris' help. This made a life changing impact in the way my son was able to engage with peers and communicate his needs. He made friends, found joy in life, and we as his parents saw a drastic improvement in his Cognitive abilities and behavior. Our son has disabilities and doesn't always do well with strangers. He and Chris developed a friendship right away and although we haven't seen Chris in 3 years, our son talks about him all the time and asks to go visit him again. I give Chris my highest recommendation, for not only being an exceptional Speech Pathologist, but a great human being as well. Thank you so much for helping improve our sons quality of life."


"We love Jadee! She has helped our son so much and he enjoys going to see her! Gets so excited and he is now saying so much more with her help!!"


"This is the first therapy place that my son has been to that the therapists actually love what they’re doing. My family is new to the area and they have been so amazing with my son as well as great at giving me advice on things to do, see and weather here. The therapists go above and beyond for the children here and it shows with the milestones children, especially mine, are making. My son is always weary of new people, but now he cries when he leaves all 3 of his therapists. I’m so grateful for being able to come here and know my son is taken care of here. Truly an amazing place."


"My son was referred here by Children's Hospital when he was almost 2. He is 4 now and his therapists are just fabulous. Maureen and Ellie are always calm and patient even when my son is really trying them. The genuinely care, you can see it, and I couldn't be happier with our time here so far."